About Us


  • This station was established in 1962 as “Lake Development Centre" which was changed the name as Fisheries Development Center in late 1960s.
  • In 1975 an “Integrated Fishery and Fish Culture Development Project (NEP/73/25)" was implemented under FAO/UNDP cooperation.
  • Later recognized as “Agriculture Research Station (Fisheries), Pokhara in 1993 under Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). Currently from 2071/72 named as “Fishery Research Station, Pokhara.
  • Functioning as “Lake Fisheries Research Station” for aquatic and fisheries resources conservation and proper utilization.
  • Facilitated in expansion of cage fish culture and open water fisheries management in Nepal.
  • Technical/resource support and services to pond/cage/raceway aquaculture farmers and fishers.


Enhancement of fisheries/aquaculture contribution to livelihoods, especially those of the wetland dependant rural poor through increased production and productivity.


  • Development of appropriate aquaculture technologies for improving production and productivity.
  • Development of appropriate inland water management and resource conservation technologies for supporting wetland dependent community.
  • Appropriate delivery of technical and resource services to the farmers/fishers community in western Nepal.